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Specialist printers of luxury stationery, envelopes and finely-crafted packaging

Letterpress — Die-stamping — Foiling — Engraving — Embossing

Established in 1859, Baddeley Brothers is not only one of the oldest printing companies in the UK, it is still using, and indeed spearheading, the classic print techniques of that era.

Letterpress, die-stamping, embossing, engraving and hot foiling are now amongst the most sought-after solutions for designers and brands looking to add a unique and luxurious feel to their stationery.

No other company in the UK, perhaps even the world, has the capabilities of Baddeley Brothers in this field.

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Beautiful packaging

Looking for the product to stand out on the shelf, justify its contents and purchase with a unique label, swing ticket or receipt envelope.
We will help you realise your vision.


Business stationery

Make a real impression with your clients by using hand finished stationery. From die-stamping and blind embossing through to bespoke envelopes, you can really feel the difference.

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Print techniques

Print TechniquesThe material you print has to stand in for person-person communication. Denied the sense of sound, movement and smell, the printed word can compensate with tactile materials that people will feel as well as read.

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In a world of electronic media, there is room for the expertly designed gilded invitation or well-presented menu or tissue lined envelope that sets the tone for whatever event you are planning.