Making an impact in the country

Director Charles Pertwee invited the journalist see for himself what happened on the workshop floor. From the noisy clatter of the printing presses to the delicate process of making tissue-lined envelopes by hand, the skill and experience of the Baddeley Brothers’ team must have made a great impression. Indeed, examples of Baddeley Brothers’ [...]

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Fit for a Queen – and the First Lady

Loved and cherished for their rare ingredients and imaginative blends, the perfumes and candles crafted by Irish artisan perfumer Cloon Keen Atelier deliver a complete sensory experience – from their hand-placed cotton wicks to each exclusive die-stamped label. No wonder then, that when Queen Elizabeth II made her historic visit to Ireland, Cloon [...]

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Graduate trainee’s stock is rising

University of East London graduate Arnaud Celeste is driving up the value of Baddeley Brothers' stock – stock cards and envelopes that is! During a three-month placement, arranged in partnership with UEL's Student Enterprise Team, Arnaud is masterminding the relaunch of the Baddeley Brothers' luxurious stock cards and quality envelopes range. Using new [...]

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Wallpaper Handmade Exhibition: Brioni Palazzo

Take 5! Studio Glithero puts Baddeley Brothers on film The paper size is optimised at just under A4 at 249mm x 206mm. The shape is based on the classic dart design. The plane is made up of seven folds plus the valley fold which is the middle and first fold. A further customisation [...]

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Devilishly detailed design pours into production

An exclusive bottle of celebratory Christmas Absinthe, designed by an award-winning specialist drinks branding company to showcase its distinctive creativity, is back on the production line in response to customer demand. As the short production run starts, design agency Stranger & Stranger has opened a waiting list for the limited edition bottle, which [...]

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