Envelopes with a difference…the history and the future

Today’s Feelology post will consider the past and the future of envelopes.  When confronted with the paper envelopes we are all so familiar with today, it is strange to think that the form of postal message sending with which we are so familiar used to be a whole lot heavier! 2000 years B.C., the Babylonian [...]

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Finding inspiration for designs when facing a tricky client brief…

Today’s Feelology blog post will deal with two topics in the world of design. Firstly, we look at the often-difficult task of finding inspiration and secondly we’ve got some tips on understanding and then designing with a tricky or restrictive client brief. What steps should be taken to ‘find’ inspiration can sometimes seem impossible for [...]

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Foil in Fashion

For fans of progressive menswear designer Sebastiaan Pieter, his clothes are a statement. So too, is his stationery. While there’s nothing conventional about Sebastiaan’s tailoring, he is known in London and New York for re-fashioning traditional materials and methods – which is something which he was keen to encapsulate in his packaging and letterhead. [...]

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