Interior designer and style advisor to Heritage Bathrooms, Charlotte Conway, looks at how this year’s bold design trends are distinctively individual.

Whether you’re a lover of industrial luxe or have a penchant for pattern, 2016 has a trend to help you embrace and express your individuality. Instead of following set pantone palettes and minimalist layouts, the interiors market is embracing the bold statement trends that are getting creative pulses racing.

Austerity is out, and opulence is in. Rose gold is a huge trend across the board this year, from stationery and clothing to jewellery and interiors. I’m working with clients to create this feel in their homes through stunning statement brassware or metallic wallpaper.

This decadence can be seen in the bold use of florals, botanicals, neon accents and geometric patterns.

bold design

bold design










I love to use patterns to add texture as well as colour to rooms, utilising soft furnishings and accessories as well as painting traditional items, for example a cast iron bath, hand painted with a bold geometric print.

The use of mixed materials like this is helping creatives in all industries make more their designs more tactile. Polished concrete, untreated wood and raw metal may sound like unusual choices for the home or office, but they make for the most gorgeous contrasts and eclectic finishes. I’ve been using high gloss smooth surfaces, such as glass, alongside natural stone or wood to ‘get the look’. The juxtaposition of textures helps your design make the right impact.

bold design







In my work with Heritage Bathrooms, we’ve created many ways to make a home ‘distinctively individual’, featured on our website and Pinterest page.