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Folders, Menus and Covers

Any format, any size, any thickness. However great your product may be, the folder or cover it’s presented in will make a huge difference. Too often, a terrific offering is let down by a tawdry first impression.

With an unmatched heritage of exceptional quality printing, Baddeley Brothers can guarantee that when we produce your menu, folder, or cover, your customers cannot resist finding out more. We are creating folders, menus, and covers to suit you.

We work with virtually any paper material you suggest. Incorporate your logo and your corporate colours, and deploy a mouth-watering range of specialised print techniques, contemporary or classic, from die-stamping to thermography to foil embossing, to make your brand stand out–literally.

So if you want a menu, folder, or cover that brims with authority and panache to help you win business, then we’ll make it easier for you. Presentation folders may seem like a thing of the past, especially today when so many meetings are wholly electronic, but folders in different sizes, like A4 presentation folders, still have a place in the business world. Many businesses buy lots of them every year because they understand the benefits of using this simple but effective tool. If you have not invested in document folders for your business, you should, especially when you consider the following advantages:

  • They are a great way to look professional. Custom folders will help you organize any documents that you will be using in a presentation, and when you organized you can present your ideas in a much more coherent way. Presentation folders are also a great to present material to whoever will be in your meeting. If you have reports, for example, you can neatly organize them in bespoke folders for all those who will be present.