Feel comfortable Security Printing

Security Printing

The technique of making stationery or packaging almost impossible to forge can be precisely the same process that makes the item attractive and prestigious. Today, when high-end consumer products like cosmetics, perfumes, fine wine, or whisky attract counterfeiters, security printing techniques by Baddeley Brothers can add shelf appeal and status to your product packaging, while defeating the forger. The engraving/die-stamping process produces the finest and one of the most secure images of all the print processes. By using normal or thermochromic inks, it creates a raised surface that is nearly impossible to replicate.

Using security printing techniques with other printing processes

By combining printing processes, you can achieve an even more impressive pack while making it even harder for the forger to replicate or ‘pass off’ counterfeit products. Of course, if you simply wish to add prestige to a bookplate or certificate, these same techniques will add unmistakable gravitas.