Seaweed paper turns the tide on printing stock

You might think a company founded 160 years ago, and enormously proud of their role in preserving traditional printing techniques, wouldn’t be playing with paper made from weeds. Foiled seaweed paper But you’d be wrong. The sixth-generation family firm championing the methods used to print the first edition of Darwin’s Origin of Species, [...]

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Prize-winning hand engraver gets invitation to see his “Santa” on press

A Surrey man who was the winner of a competition held by the Hand Engravers Association of Great Britain, and sponsored by Baddeley Brothers, has seen his work go into production. As part of Andy Beavan-smith’s prize, he got a behind-the-scenes tour of the 160-year-old print works, to see his copperplate engraving, "Santa in his [...]

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Lending a hand to keep tradition alive

Engraved copper printing plate, Andy Beaven-Smith 2021 Engraving, a skill so rare that there was recently only a handful of artisans left. But with an increase of workshops and competitions, this ancient craft of copperplate engraving is back in the limelight. And now with support from the specialist printer Baddeley Brothers, one such [...]

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The 19 types of envelope for a million different messages

Who’d have thought there are 19 different types of envelope? And we’re not talking about sizes, adhesives and linings. Different shapes and construction methods have evolved over the years to suit many applications, and not always letters! Envelopes can carry three-dimensional, and sometimes heavy-duty, objects, such as nuts and bolts, and are much more [...]

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Bauhaus Provides Winning Inspiration For Design Students

Taking design students out of the ‘digital’ classroom and into the noisy, machine-driven world of mechanical printing provides an insight into the process that can turn a plain piece of paper into a work of art. For the fourth year in succession, and narrowly avoiding ‘cancellation by coronavirus’, Baddeley Brothers hosted two students from Ravensbourne [...]

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Making a thing of beauty: ilody Skincare

When ilody Skincare launched, it was only natural for a company making beauty products to care deeply about how it looked on the outside. The quality and integrity of the serums produced by founder Deepika Patel are a life-long culmination of ayurvedic and orthodox medicine, an Indian upbringing, a career in fashion and a [...]

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Rag to Tag – Denim Paper adopted by Boutique Fashion Label

Antithesis of Fast Fashion Recycling unwanted denim rags to create a Premium Paper is the antithesis of Fast Fashion - an embodiment of the three fundamental principles of Quality, Community, and Eco-Conciousness London’s only craft jeans maker, Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, is working with Baddeley Brothers and Frogmore Paper [...]

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Inspiring a New Generation of Graphic Designers at Ravensbourne University

As we prepare to launch the third year of our ‘Im-print! Im-press’ competition in collaboration with GF Smith and Foilco, we spoke to last year’s participants to see how the experience has shaped their designs since. The competition aims to inspire a new generation of graphic designers at Ravensbourne University London to not [...]

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