Compliment Slips vs Correspondence Cards

What’s in a name? When it comes to the question of compliment slips - the insert bearing a company’s name, which is sent out with products or information - there’s more to the subject than might at first be apparent. The eagle-eyed may have spotted a mistake in that last sentence. “Aha,” [...]

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Pirate’s Grog – A label that is leagues apart…

Die-stamping is not known for being an edgy or alternative print technique, but it’s proven to be an award-winning choice for the buccaneering rum brand Pirate’s Grog, which needed a distinctive feel for its special 13-year-old blend. Distillers and travel-lovers Gareth and Beth Jones brought the golden rum home from their travels [...]

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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Business Cards

A business card can often be the difference between a lasting first impression and lost business. This crucial item of business stationery needs to be eye-catching and informative — but it also needs to convey quality and attention to detail. Unfortunately, there are some problems with business cards and fundamental errors that a lot of [...]

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Business cards for those who want to stand out

Instead of heralding the decline of these small, paper-based calling cards, the digital age has in fact created new, creative, business card opportunities and trends. Perhaps against the odds, business cards are still as important, if not more important, than they ever have been before. This blog post will provide you with some helpful hints [...]

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The History of Envelopes 

The humble envelope is often not given the credit it is due. Designed to protect correspondence from damage and prying eyes, this ubiquitous item of stationery can be the bearer of both good and bad news. But when and where did the envelope first appear? The answer to this question is probably more fascinating than [...]

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Drum-roll please…

Baddeley Brothers’ critically acclaimed book has won a prestigious Drum Design Award for Best Print Design; a remarkable recognition from the UK’s best designers. The prestigious panel of judges Jonathan Ford, Partner & Chief Creative Officer at Pearlfisher, Kerrin Lumsden, Design Leader – Global Brands at Diageo, Greg Quinton, Executive Creative Director at The Partners [...]

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Exciting, engaging, eco.

Packaging design and brand sustainability consultant Tracy Sutton sets out the roots of stunning sustainable ‘eco’ design. When many people think about sustainable print or packaging design they envisage a cream or brown material with visible recycled fibres. If you pop ‘sustainable packaging’ or ‘sustainable print’ into Google images you’ll see what I mean. Not [...]

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Be bold, be individual

Interior designer and style advisor to Heritage Bathrooms, Charlotte Conway, looks at how this year’s bold design trends are distinctively individual. Whether you’re a lover of industrial luxe or have a penchant for pattern, 2016 has a trend to help you embrace and express your individuality. Instead of following set pantone palettes and minimalist layouts, the [...]

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Timeless design suits both traditional and contemporary

Fired Earth’s Creative Director, Rob Whitaker shares his experience of using current trends to create contemporary designs with timeless, classic appeal. I’m inspired by everything from architecture and travel, to old photographs and colours emerging on the catwalks. Versatile palettes of blues, greens and greys are particularly popular at the moment. We’ve noticed that creative designers [...]

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Envelopes with a difference…the history and the future

Today’s Feelology post will consider the past and the future of envelopes.  When confronted with the paper envelopes we are all so familiar with today, it is strange to think that the form of postal message sending with which we are so familiar used to be a whole lot heavier! 2000 years B.C., the Babylonian [...]

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