Celebrating Feel…


Celebrating life’s special moments

We now live in the digital age, when messages can be sent across the world in less than a second. While this has made life a lot easier for many people, it has taken a little of the intimacy away from life’s special occasions. Whether you choose gilded invitations or tissue-lined envelopes, you can set the tone for a celebration no one will ever forget.


At Baddeley Brothers, we can use a wide range of traditional printing techniques to enhance your celebration invitations and create stunning first impressions for your events. By combining printing methods, you can add an air of sophistication or prestige when inviting your clients to events such as exhibitions or high-end fashion shows. Choose duplexing, foil-blocking, copperplate engraving and die-stamping to create invitations that are impossible to resist.


Custom Envelopes

Envelopes are often simply dismissed as everyday correspondence, but custom envelopes from Baddeley Brothers grab the attention of the recipient from the moment they arrive. Follow this with a luxuriously printed invitation and your recipients will be unable to resist the event or celebration that awaits them.


Tissue-lined envelopes

When you need to make a lasting first impression with your correspondence, our tissue-lined envelopes always deliver. Whether half-lined or fully-lined, a tissue-lined envelope conveys a level of decadence that can’t be achieved from a standard envelope alone. Choose from a range of colours, and add a premium feature that will make your letters and invitations stand out from the crowd.


Folders and menu covers

Whether you’re creating a business presentation, a portfolio of your work or a menu, our folders can send the right message from the moment they’re presented to your customers. Produced with premium materials and a range of innovative printing techniques, folders from Baddeley Brothers don’t just create a great first impression, they invite people to peek inside to find out more.


Cords and tassels

If you’re looking to add an extra touch of elegance or panache to your products, the addition of a cord or tassel could be the perfect solution. Many of our cards and folders can be enhanced with a tassel and an adjustable slider. The absence of any holes ensures your final product looks luxurious and professional.


Printers cards

Nothing says “luxury” like a gilt-edged invitation. These premium products are perfect for setting a tone of decadence or prestige for celebrating your upcoming event. We can provide you with a range of design options, including gold or silver colouring, a choice of square or round corners and the option of flat or bevel edges.


Stock envelopes

One of the objectives of an envelope is to persuade the addressee of its importance. Baddeley Brothers has a large selection of quality stock envelopes that can’t fail to grab the attention of the recipients. If your envelopes are expected to create a great first impression, you’ll find something eye-catching in our range.