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Cords and Tassels

When you’d like to add a touch of elegance to proceedings, our cords & tassels are perfect.
These eye-catching accessories are capable of transforming your cards into something truly inspiring.
Whether you’re celebrating a royal occasion or a high-end business event,
you can set the tone for the occasion with a luxurious cord or a silky smooth tassel.

We can attach one of these premium products to your greeting or invitation cards, making them both unique and inspiring.
When a special occasion requires an extra special effort, the printing experts at Baddeley Brothers can oblige with the addition of cords and tassels.

Why choose Cords & Tassels from Baddeley Brothers?

No two invitations or greeting cards are the same.

We offer several different cords and tassels — in a variety of colours, styles and textures, including;
Silver, White, Red, Green, Gold, Burgundy, Brown, Royal blue, Light blue, Dark blue.

Seamlessly fitted to your cards and invitations.

We take great pride in the printed materials we create, ensuring that the addition of a cord or tassel only adds to the quality of the piece.
We developed a system that attaches these items without the need for unsightly holes.

We create printed items in all shapes and sizes, so we need cords and tassels that can be easily adjusted. All tassels/cords have an adjustable slider mechanism.
Each cord and tassel can be tied around the spine of the product and tightened into place by hand, protecting your card or invitation while adding an air of sophistication.

At Baddeley Brothers, we believe that you should be able to feel quality, as well as see it.

We offer only premium tassels and cords that feel great in hand. These precision-made items add a luxurious third dimension to our products.
Whether you’re ordering invitations, greeting cards or restaurant menus, adding one of our cords or tassels will add the finishing touch to a truly inspirational product.