Printers Cards

The prestige of a ‘gilt-edged invitation’/cards is embedded in our culture. Discreet but luxurious, it speaks volumes about the sender…and the recipient.

Why choose printers cards from Baddeley Brothers?

We can provide colour, gold or silver edges, either flat or bevel-edged, applied to square or round cornered from our comprehensive range of stock as outlined below. Our printers cards are available from stock for next day delivery. Charges are incurred for trade counter, but if you need a bespoke size we are happy to provide you with an estimate. If you need matching envelopes you’ll find a suitable selection to choose from in our stock envelopes section. Samples of envelopes and cards are available on request by filling out our sample request form or calling our office.

So, you’ve selected the best quality and have received your printed business cards, but what next?

  1. Store your cards in a protective holder to ensure they are always presented at their best.
  2. Carry them with you at all times, but only give them out when they are requested.
  3. Hand over the business card with the text facing the recipient.
  4. When they are exchanged, take a moment to look at what you’ve received.
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Standard trade are available in the following types:

Square corner flat edge

Square corner gold square deckle edge

Square corner bevel edge

Square corner with gold bevel deckle edge

Rounded corner flat edge

Rounded corner bevel edge

Platesunk, fancy border with gold bevel edge

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