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Cutting of the 200th Baddeley Cake

No break with tradition at the cutting of the 200th Baddeley Cake Baddeley Brothers is donating its services to mark the 200-year-old ceremony of the cutting of the aptly titled Baddeley Cake, though no historical link has yet been established!

The Cutting of the Baddeley Cake is an annual event in remembrance of the famous 18th century English actor, Robert Baddeley, who bequeathed wine and cake at the Drury Lane Theatre for Twelfth Night.

Organised by the Master and Directors of the charitable Drury Lane Theatrical Fund and the Really Useful Theatres, the event will be attended by the cast of ‘Oliver’ and an invited audience. The prestigious invitations have been engraved, die stamped and donated by Baddeley Brothers to help mark the occasion with traditional aplomb.

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