Devilishly detailed design pours into production

An exclusive bottle of celebratory Christmas Absinthe, designed by an award-winning specialist drinks branding company to showcase its distinctive creativity, is back on the production line in response to customer demand.

As the short production run starts, design agency Stranger & Stranger has opened a waiting list for the limited edition bottle, which it describes as beautiful, hideous, angelic and devilish. For die-stamping specialists Baddeley Brothers, who were chosen to print the intricate, elaborate labels, the devil has been in the detail.

BREAKING NEWS! The label design and bottle photography has just been shown in the Creative Review Annual of 2011 as an example of outstanding design.

“This was a highly complex design which required absolute precision. It would be a challenge for any printer but we have worked with Baddeley Brothers before, so we knew that they could achieve exactly what we needed,” said Stranger & Stranger’s Founder Kevin Shaw. “From the start, we felt that traditional printing techniques like die stamping and blind embossing would give our designs the authentic and premium impression that we needed, and so we designed a dense yet delicate main label, packed with subtle messages to complement our company ethos.

“We spent time choosing tactile stock which could be die-stamped to enhance the physical pleasure of holding the bottle, and black neck labels with gold embossing which added a premium note. This, combined with an unusual bottle and a traditional cork feature, enabled us to create a bottle that had immediate standout and genuine impact.”

Baddeley Brothers’ Director Chris Pertwee added: “There were elements of the label design that were really brought to life by the die stamping and blind embossing processes, which required incredible precision to achieve.”

Christmas Absinthe…2

“The Stranger & Stranger logo, surrounded by a gold crest, needed to be as crisp and layered as possible to ensure the optical trick of the glass and two heads was completely effective. Combining the two printing techniques ensured this area of the label had maximum impact. Many of the key messages, incorporated into the label, were achieved using only die-stamping and no colour, ensuring they were incredibly subtle, adding intrigue and mystery to the brand.”

Stranger & Stranger has a global reputation for creating alcoholic brands that draw consumer attention and inspire brand loyalty, ranging from the exclusive Kraken Rum to supermarket bestsellers McGuigan Estate and OGIO. The company has previously worked with Baddeley Brothers for its Christmas Spice Gin bottle, which used all the same printing techniques, but in a simpler, more reserved design to reflect the purer nature of the product.

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