65 Cartridge – Square

Cards are sold in multiples, envelopes can be supplied in quantities of 100, if cards are supplied as well. Our minimum order value is £25 excluding VAT and carriage. All prices shown are exclusive of VAT. When ordering please state the product reference number and total quantity required. We are always on hand to help you make the best use of our products.

These stock envelopes are available in the following types: Gummed flaps – except * which have peel & stick flaps, Brilliant white, 140 gsm, Boxed in 500’s.

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Square Envelopes
Square Envelopes

‘65’ Cartridge Square Gummed Flaps – Except * Which Have Peel And Stick Flaps
Brilliant White, 140 gsm, Boxed In 500’s

160 x 1606 1/3  x  6 1/3Dia3544
160 x 1606 1/3  x  6 1/3Wallet*3558
176 x 1766 7/8  x  6 7/8Dia3546
220 x 220

8 2/3  X  8 2/3