You can request a sample of our products before ordering. To request a sample please click here
At the Design Phase2018-03-05T18:09:40+01:00

Obtain a quotation and estimated schedule for the job to help make sure a clear working framework exists from the start: it will help to avoid any potentially disastrous last-minute panics.

Lay Edges2018-01-21T23:17:54+01:00
When planning any printing that is to be further processed by us, please check first that the lay edges you wish to use are compatible with ours.
Envelopes: Converting printed sheets2018-01-21T23:15:06+01:00
To make sure printing is correctly positioned we will provide you with a laydown sheet and a dummy.
How do I order? 2018-01-21T23:16:45+01:00
You can order over the phone or online, before placing an order if you feel you would like to discuss any options with us we are happy to answer any questions. 
Of what quality are your products?2018-03-09T08:43:11+01:00
Our high quality hand finished techniques have been used for over a hundred of years. The quality associated with our products is of the highest level. 
Delivery methods 2018-01-21T23:14:34+01:00
We offer two delivery methods, either our own driver will distribute your order if in inner London, if not we provide a carrier service. You are also able to collect your order if you prefer. 
Laser Copiers & Other Potential Hazards2018-01-21T23:17:18+01:00
The operating temperatures of laser copiers and other office equipment are so high that they cause foil, thermography or gloss die-stamping work to melt. We recommend that you use water based die-stamping ink for print that will be subjected to these conditions.
Can you tell me more about your Stock Products?2018-01-21T23:12:40+01:00
We have a wide range of already produced products in Stock that are all available for next-day delivery.  The different categories of stock envelopes include: BB Cartridge, ‘65’ Cartridge (Square, Wallet and Pocket), Oyster and Tissue Lined.  The categories of Centenary cards include: 800, 500, 400 and 300gsm gold and silver, round, square, bevel or flat edged; white and oyster all ivory board. Our minimum order value is £25 excluding VAT and carriage. 
Fitting to a Printed Image2018-03-05T18:11:43+01:00

To minimise discrepancies in film work it is always preferable to make a block or die after printing so that they can be checked for size against the printed image.

What if I am not happy with my order? 2020-03-31T09:47:17+01:00
If you are for some reason not happy with your order then please get in contact with us immediately. Our contact number is 020 8986 2666. Our intention will be to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
Colour Matching2020-03-31T09:48:44+01:00
While every effort is made to match Pantone colours; it should be noted that the interaction between different materials and different processes can sometimes affect the finished shade. This particularly applies when a gloss finish is used.
How does pricing work for your design services?2018-01-21T23:16:10+01:00
For our design services, we offer bespoke pricing. Request a custom quote from us today.
We are proud to be able to provide the ability to offer flexible quantities for all of our products.
Lead times 2018-01-21T23:18:29+01:00
The lead-time will depend on the each individual order. Once an order is placed an estimated lead-time will be provided which will specify when the products will be delivered. 
Cancellation of an order2018-01-21T23:13:12+01:00
You are able to cancel an order but if costs have been involved in processing your order then a charge will be applied and will need to be paid. However, if no costs were incurred then a cancellation will be free. 
Where is my order?2020-03-31T09:46:47+01:00
If at any time you wish to know the progress of your order then please call us on 020 8986 2666 or email us at enquiries@baddeleybrothers.com and we’ll let you know.
We keep a record of all orders received so if you have a reorder request we will be able to proceed with this without the time consuming approval process. 
Pre-Printed Materials2018-01-21T23:21:41+01:00
Business cards, compliment slips and other smaller items cannot generally be handled if they are cut to size in advance. Please check with us to ascertain the correct laydown and trim sizes.
Why choose Baddeley Brothers?2018-01-21T23:10:29+01:00
Baddeley Brothers is world renown for specialist printing and bespoke envelope making. Those innovative designers and companies looking to project the right image for their business favour us. No one else has the capabilities of so many classical printing techniques and envelope making skills in one place.
Envelopes: Dummies2018-01-21T23:15:37+01:00
To minimise any problems of unsuitable material, to ascertain the correct position of a window on your envelope, or to match size to planned contents, we are happy to make up envelope dummies free of charge prior to a production run.
Can I see a sample before committing to an order?2020-03-31T09:50:24+01:00
We offer a full estimate and sample service to clients wishing to see the quality of our products. Click Here for your Sample Request. We can also send you a PDF version of your customised design to check for free however there is a charge for machine proofs.
What does your colour matching service entail?2018-01-21T23:25:31+01:00
As the name suggests, our colour matching service involves matching the colour of your required invitations or envelopes to a predefined colour. Whilst every effort is made to match Pantone colours, it should be remembered that the interaction between different materials and different processes can sometimes affect the finished shade. This particularly applies to any process using heat or when a gloss finish is involved
Payment Methods2018-01-21T23:20:09+01:00
Usually we ask first time customers for payment prior to delivery. You are able to pay via cheque, card or bacs then if you are likely to become a regular customer we’re happy to discuss opening an account. 
It is well worth paying for a full proof of any complex jobs, it can help your customer to understand better what you are trying to achieve.
Once I place my order, can I make any changes?2018-01-21T23:19:40+01:00
Before you have even placed your order you will be able to see a sample or proof form of the final product, from which you are free to make any changes to your order. The PDFs to check are free, but unfortunately there is a charge for machine proofs, therefore once you place your order no changes can be made. 
Can you tell me more about your Envelope Custom Design service?2018-01-21T23:11:45+01:00
We are a specialist bespoke envelope maker using blank-fed Winkler & Dunnebier machines and can make a wide range of bespoke envelopes in all weights, shapes, sizes, styles and materials – to our customers’ precise requirements. If the machines can’t then we can make envelopes by hand.
At Baddeley Brothers we pride ourselves on the fact we manufacture bespoke products to the highest quality. Combined with our printing facilities we can give you almost any finish you want. Click Here for Further Bespoke Envelopes Information
Suitability of materials2018-01-21T23:25:07+01:00
We recommend testing materials first to ensure that they work together, e.g., die-stamping does not take to laminated or varnished surfaces; laid papers may need blanking out to avoid feathering of fine die-stamping; foil may not release cleanly on some materials; and certain materials may crack or burst when blind embossed.
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