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Fit for a Queen – and the First Lady

Loved and cherished for their rare ingredients and imaginative blends, the perfumes and candles crafted by Irish artisan perfumer Cloon Keen Atelier deliver a complete sensory experience – from their hand-placed cotton wicks to each exclusive die-stamped label.

No wonder then, that when Queen Elizabeth II made her historic visit to Ireland, Cloon Keen Atelier was asked to create an exclusive range of toiletries for the Queen’s personal suite in Dublin Castle.

A limited edition run of just twenty black and white labels were required and it was while searching for the very best printer in the world to fulfil this unique commission, that founder Margaret Mangan discovered London’s Baddeley Brothers. Captivated by the clarity, dramatic simplicity and texture of their inky die-stamped labels, she was convinced that it was the beginning of a creative and synergistic partnership.

“The quality of our labels makes such a huge difference to the feel and appeal of our perfumes and candles,” explained Margaret. “We invest a significant amount of time selecting the finest typography for our minimalist designs in order to reflect the individual story of each product. In Baddeley Brothers, we found a printer who can faithfully reproduce the sharpness of the lettering and transform a simple black and white design into something tactile, thus elevating the design from the commonplace to the extraordinary.”

The labels are printed on an uncoated Strathmore bright white label, die-stamped and pearl white foil block de-bossed to add depth and shine to the CKA logo and border. It’s this luxury label which adorns the Antique Library candle, which was selected by the Department of the Taoiseach to be presented to The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama for St. Patricks Day this year.

As well as adorning the dressing tables of two of the world’s most influential women, Cloon Keen Atelier is building on its distinctive reputation with a new perfumed candle for the Spa at the Shelbourne, which uses colour to add glamour and has been die-stamped with burnished gold. Baddeley Brothers also printed and hand-stitched Cloon Keen Atelier’s minimalist four page brochure using blind embossing with a clear foil.

Baddeley Brothers’ Director Chris Pertwee commented: “This is a beautiful product that is the very embodiment of quality. The team of craftsman at Cloon Keen Atelier  are devoted to making the very best product in the world and that’s our aim too. Our labels have a big part to play in enhancing the brand and each customer’s enjoyment of their candle or perfume. This is a chance for every discerning woman to experience the luxury treasured by the elite.”

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