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Foil in Fashion

For fans of progressive menswear designer Sebastiaan Pieter, his clothes are a statement. So too, is his stationery. While there’s nothing conventional about Sebastiaan’s tailoring, he is known in London and New York for re-fashioning traditional materials and methods – which is something which he was keen to encapsulate in his packaging and letterhead.

At the door of Baddeley Brothers, he found a factory filled with traditional tools being used in exciting, contemporary ways. Working with Marilyn Baker, a design student at the Chelsea School of Arts, he commissioned two bespoke envelopes to enclose his gloves and jumpers as well as a letterhead.

Reflecting the keynote colours from the palette of his first collection, Sebastiaan chose a pale grey stock for his envelopes, coupled with a foil blocked logo in black. For the larger jumper envelope, the design included a gusset and the logo was debossed – adding texture and depth to the minimalist design. To create a luxurious letterhead, Sebastiaan selected a slightly lighter grey material with his brand in black ink using a letterpress technique.

Born in the Netherlands, Sebastiaan moved to London and graduated in Bespoke Tailoring from the London College of Fashion, winning their Collection of the Year award in 2012. Since then has worked for Fantastic Man and Jil Sander before launching his own label PIETER last year. He said of the stationery: “In Baddeley Brothers I found a printer with expertise and a zeal for quality that matches my own.”

Director Charles Pertwee added: “Using a tactile stock and incorporating a light stroke of embossing and foil blocking I believe we’ve achieved a distinctive, classic look that PIETER customers will admire.”

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