Feel Distinctive Merchandising


Looking for the product to stand out on the shelf, justify its contents and purchase with a unique label, swing ticket or receipt envelope.
We will help you realise your vision.

Gin Label Blind embossed die-stamped gold and black litho to register

When the packaging encloses a luxury product, every detail matters – and it’s the label that attracts attention, demonstrates authenticity, and hints at the magic within.

Die-stamped envelopes

You know what they say about first impressions. A longed-for letter…a product launch… an irresistible offer…great expectations…only custom envelopes rise to the occasion and establish your credentials even before their contents are revealed.

Selection of tissue-lined envelopes

Make a lasting first impression with a bespoke tissue-lined envelope, which are finished by hand in our London factory. Here at Baddeley Brothers, we take pride in manufacturing the highest quality and the best luxury envelopes to meet your individual needs.

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However great your own product may be, the folder or cover it’s presented in will make a difference. Often, a terrific offering is let down by a tawdry first impression. With stationery from us, don’t worry, your customers won’t be able to resist finding out more.

Foil embossed seal

The technique of making stationery or packaging almost impossible to forge can be precisely the same process that makes the item attractive and prestigious.

3D render of cosmetics box

This fully interactive three-dimensional model shows the printed carton in its entirety. Click to load (7 Mb), and play, then drag your cursor around to view the box from any angle. Opens in a new tab