Feel the impact Labels


When the packaging encloses a luxury product, every last detail matters – and it’s labels which attract attention, demonstrate authenticity and hint at the magic within. The very precision and complexity of the printing techniques used can, on one level, flatly defeat attempts at counterfeiting while at the same time attracting the eye and instigating an irresistible sales process.

They serves as the identity of the products which allow customers to distinguish one brand from another. Whether you’re buying a movie screen for your home theater or you’re buying chips for snacks, labels will matter. But product labeling is not just about product promotion and branding, there are far more important information that consumers take note of when they check the labels. This is why product labels come in different forms. These are in the form of stickers, tags, or even content prints on the packaging.

Why from Baddeley Brothers?

Developed in harmony with the brand and the product, any risk of purchasing dissonance is eliminated – from label to product; the purchasing experience is fulfilling and climactic. We’ll work with you to ensure yours accommodates date imprints and your handling process, and combine impact protection with easy opening for your customer.

When Baddeley Brothers print the label, it can itself become a collector’s piece. When Pirates Grog worked with us to produce award-winning label design, this was the result.

Or when specialist drinks branding agency Stranger & Stranger required something extra special for its limited edition Christmas Absinthe, they worked closely with Baddeley Brothers to develop the die stamping and gold embossing techniques which, applied with minute precision, were singled out by Creative Review as an example of outstanding design.

Laser labels

For short-run, complex label cut-outs we use a computer-controlled laser cutter.

Watch it in action.