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At Baddeley Brothers, we understand that the quality of printed material reflects the values of a business. Official documents and marketing materials need to stand out from the competition, which is why we have perfected the duplexing process.

Imagine a sheet of paper with printing on one side. The printed side is recessed, meaning the blank side is raised. This age-old problem makes printing on both sides of a sheet problematic — which can increase a business’s printing costs and create inferior printed materials.

Duplexing is the answer, and it’s one of Baddeley Brothers’ specialities.

What is duplexing?

Duplexing is the name given to the process of bonding two or more sheets of paper together to create a high quality finish. This process produces a single sheet of premium paper — with two outward faces, each capable of taking the print effect of your choice.

A special glue is used to bond the sheets together, and there is a drying process involved that can last for several hours. The glues used in the process penetrate the paper, which creates unbreakable bond. Stated simply, the paper will rip before the glue ever does.

Duplexing has several applications

Duplexing creates sheets of paper that can take printing on both sides without affecting the quality of the final product. But this isn’t the only benefit involved. For example, the process can be used to create two different textures or colours on the same sheet.

The technique also works well with die-cutting. A die-cutter can be set up to cut just the top layer — revealing a second colour underneath. This process is particularly effective when creating marketing materials, business cards and greeting cards.

Why do businesses choose duplexing?

This technique is usually a cheaper alternative to purchasing thicker paper — which can often get stuck in printers. And this process gives businesses the opportunity to create bespoke sheets in line with business requirements.

It also creates a classy, premium finish that adds real value to printed materials. When used to create business invites or official sales brochures, this bonding process creates the impression of added quality.

Whether you’re looking to cut printing costs or create premium printed materials, duplexing could be the answer. The sheer quality of the final product shows your customers that you’re passionate about appearances and attention to detail.

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