Feel Particuar Lithography


The basic litho principle is that oil and water do not mix. A litho printing plate has non-image areas which absorb water. During printing the plate is kept wet so that the “greasy” ink is rejected by the wet areas and adheres to the image areas. We offer small offset litho to complement our other specialist processes.

For best results when designing for Lithography…

Standard offset inks are transparent, they only show their true colours when printed on a bright white stock. Using them on coloured stocks will change their colour as the paper stock colour will show through.

Unless a specific effect is desired, offset printing on a dark stock should be avoided.

For striking design effects, images created by offset litho can later be varnished, embossed, engraved, or die-stamped. Because dimensional processes would be damaged in the offset press, offset lithography is always done first.

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