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Slime Green Envelopes for Venice in Peril

When Venetian restoration project, Venice in Peril wanted to promote their work and raise awareness of the historic city’s decay due to algae, they turned to Baddeley Brothers.

The company created bespoke C5 wallet envelopes, with peel and stick flaps, using special 120gsm paper that had been created using a blend of paper and green algae taken from the Venetian lagoon. They were used to send out details of the project, the condition of the precarious monuments and the work and funding needed to restore them.

The paper was made from algae to not only highlight the damage the aquatic plant can do to the city’s wealth of monuments, structures, marine life and vegetation, but also exemplify the need for algae recycling to save the city for future generations.

Mixing material with paper pulp is becoming increasingly common, by using old denim, coffee granules or rose petals it not only provides a second life for what was previously perceived as post-consumer waste but also reduces the amount of virgin pulp required to make paper. The photo shows by using the algae in the paper there is a slight green hue which helps promote the message behind the cause.

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