Innovation and flawless design have won Baddeley Brothers the coveted Stationers’ Company Warrant for its work on labels for the rum brand, Pirate’s Grog.

It follows the scrutiny of the Pirate's Grog No 13die-stamped label by the judging panel and they commented: “Traditional, elegant and distinctive were some of the descriptions the judging panel used to describe the labels for Pirates Grog No 13.  In the best traditions of the industry, Baddeley Brothers demonstrated innovation and flawless design technology that impressed the panel.”

The Stationers’ Company Warrant recognises excellence within the communications and content industries in the form of annual awards. The warrant seal of excellence may be used on products, or to promote products, that meet the highest standards of printing excellence as assessed by the team of judges.

The bottle also won the Best Design Effectiveness in the World Drink Awards 2017, proving taste is something that can extend outside the bottle.

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The warrant will run for the year March 2021 to March 2022.