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In the 21st century it can be difficult to find originality in design. How can you create a piece of direct mail, or personalised print that is truly memorable? Ironically, one of the most effective techniques for designers to achieve just that dates from the 16th century. Engraving, sometimes known as ‘copperplate’ or intaglio’ printing will bring some real quality to your print designs.

Large areas of dense solid colour can be successfully die-stamped by using a ‘screened’ or ‘sable’ die. Screen die permits solids, fine lines and reversed out areas and is a natural choice for logotypes, crests, symbols and stationery.

Die stamping really works for multi-colour crests, coats of arms, invitation cards, letterheads and business cards where there is fine detail in the design, the raised three-dimensional aspects brings your work to life.

When die-stamping our skilled craftsmen engrave steel dies and copperplates that are then printed using our traditional heavy die-stamping presses.

  • Emboss with a second die for extra effect
  • Incomparable when used with multicolour crests.
  • Matt die-stamping inks make for rich, vibrant colours.
  • Laser compatible.

Die-stamping can be used with a combination of other fine print processes.